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Hai all Welcome to Asian Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

When talking about Asian Educational Consultancy we need to tell some interesting story about us.

Asian Educational consultancy is one of the pioneer consultancy service around the world. We provide quality education and services with efficiency and reliability.

Asian Educational consultancy started their journey in 2002 and we have been managed to send there first batch of students from India to China in 2003. That was the maiden outbound students from India to China. Since then we are the one of the best Educational abroad consultancy not only in India but also in the Asia. Due to the continuous efforts, AEC has been managed to Change the Educational strategy in China in accordance with Indian Medical Council and AEC students.

AEC has more than 20 Universities association which is spread all around the world, Among that the Wuhan University has listed among the top 100 university in the world and is among the top 5 in China. After completing more than one decade in this field, AEC has office at India, China and Dubai. They offer variety of courses including Medical, Engineering, graduation and upper graduation.

In AEC we provide services including,

  • Carrier guidance and Course selection.
  • Arranging and assisting admissions.
  • Follow up for securing admissions.
  • University application processing.
  • Travel guidance etc.
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