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Hey all! A very warm welcome to our blog. We people are always behind our dreams. Dreams are limitless!. But the Chances are few. We all felt unhappy, distressed whenever we lost an opportunity. But for humans it’s all about taking, fetching new way of hopes and chances. Whenever we feel it’s not possible we leave that dream away and start dreaming with other opportunities. Whats the use of it? The world is an ocean of opportunity. The world is for the people who find the new way towards there Dream. Will you choose that new way which is best than the earliest? Definitely yes.

We at Asian Education Consultancy provide you the best way to make your MBBS and MD/MS dream succeed. We make you fly high beyond your hopes and succeed in your Dream.

“There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope” Come lets study with us and fly your graduation caps high.

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Take MBBS Admission Before Amendment Comes Into Existence.


Did you ever think about MBBS without NEET Examination?.

According to latest amendment from Government Of India, Students who are taking admission from Foreign Medical University on or after 1st June 2018, has to mandatory QUALIFY NEET Exam. Which means the Students without writing NEET Exam could not apply for MBBS. This is applicable to all the Indian Citizen or overseas citizen of India who is desirous for taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent medical course in a Medical University/ college/ Institute on or after 1st June 2018. The result of the NEET for admission to MBBS Course shall deem to be treated as Eligibility certificate for such persons.

We offer MBBS Admission without NEET before the Amendment Comes Into Existence.

We at AEC can offer you an MBBS seat before the Amendment comes into existence. Which means your admission procedures have to be completed on or before 1st May. We at AEC has a direct contract with the top quality university in China. We are the first consultancy in India to make an outbound to China and that was in 2003. We can offer you MBBS seats with 100% guaranty.

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Read the Full Amendment below.

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Asian Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Asian Educational Consultancy is one of a pioneer in the domain of overseas education in India with an experience of over one decade. We aim in assisting Indian students to avail the best education in the field of Medical, Engineering, MBA, etc. In the most cost-effective manner. Asian Educational Consultancy was established in 2002 and we are the first in India who made an initial Outbound to take students to China and that was in 2003.


Rizwin K N

Study Abroad Cheaper!


Whoever thinks for schooling they first consider overseas observe. But they do not take delivery of those opportunity because of price. Is it viable to take a look at overseas with much less price in Top universities? For us it’s miles feasible. Yes for us taking you to overseas isn’t always a joke, We are the number one have a look at overseas consultancy during the last 15 years. We arrange you MBBS MD/ MS seats in overseas top exceptional universities with low cost as compared to different for positive.

We believe together we can!!

Yes. We consider within the above cited. It’s far greater powerful to mention we will than i will. Collectively we make you to fly no longer only making the way for overseas look at however also the dream. COME TOGETHER WE CAN!!




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Benefits Of Abroad Study..

Hi all.. For most human being studying abroad may be one of there dream in their life. And it would be more beneficial for a college student. If we have a choice we would say you should consider Studying abroad. Here is the list of top 5 reason we recommend you to study abroad.


Top 5 Reason To Study Abroad.

  1. Education


Education. Study. Education. Yes, the first and major priority in our list is for Education. Yes through abroad education you feel completely changed. Yes, different people, different traditions, different education system etc. Education is considered as the backbone of Abroad Education. You feel better by choosing the right place, right University/ School, right people etc.

     2. See the picture. Find different.


Second and the most important reason you should consider to study abroad is to see the world. By you choosing to study abroad you are choosing the opportunity to explore, to find, to experience some equality managing different culture and some transformations.

      3. Opportunities.


Many people find difficult to get a Job after studies in the host nation. So they migrate to other nations for job opportunities. Majority of the students love to work on their host countries. By completing your studies in abroad Universities you have a good number of priority and carrier opportunities. And if you people are looking jobs outside your nation, then your abroad certificates will be very valuable when you search jobs in that country.

     4. Develop your language skill.


One of the major advantages of studying abroad is the development of your language, Yes by interacting with foreign students you not only develop your language but also get a chance to learn other languages too which help you in future.

     5. Better life experience.


Last but not the least you get a better life experience that you will remember for a long time. You may get chance to work or travel abroad in your life. But you won’t get an opportunity to study abroad. Yes, you get those chance once in a lifetime.

So take your chance to study, travel, develop and transformation.

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